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Our StormMaster® Shake shingles featuring Scotchgard™ Protector offer durability and architectural style for a timeless look. Beauty Backed by Protection with our Lifetime Warranty.

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Do you need a expert roofing inspection, roof repair, or a roof replacement in the Ypsilanti area? If so, you can always count on exceptional service from All That Roofing & More. We’re known for high-quality work, competitive pricing, and top-tier customer service. Give us a call today at (833) 766-3734.

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When you choose All That Roofing & More to protect your home’s exterior, you get a Lifetime Warranty that’s unmatched in the industry.

If our roof leaks, we’ll replace it.

A multifamily home with brown brick, two car garage and tan roof shingles
Multi level family home made with vinyl siding exterior and dark brown shingle roof

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When it comes to household maintenance, many Ypsilanti homeowners will often ignore their roofing. However, if you want to keep your home in good condition and maintain your indoor comfort, your roofing needs regular attention. Over time, if you don’t have your roof periodically inspected and keep up with any needed repairs, it can start to have a variety of negative effects on your household. If you neglect the health of the roofing, you could end up dealing with things like water damage, mold growth, and uneven temperatures around your living space, just to name a few. If your shingles are leaking, deteriorated, or otherwise damaged, it can also affect the efficiency of your home as well as the overall health of your HVAC system.

At All That Roofing & More, our roofing professionals are highly trained and experienced in handling all kinds of roofing issues. We’ll be able to evaluate the condition of your roofing, identify any problems, and apply a thorough, long-lasting fix. If you give us a call today at (833) 766-3734, we can provide you with a free quote for your roofing needs.


Our Customer Feedback...

Angela Belrose
Angela Belrose
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I had them side and add double doors to my back garage it looks amazing. Love the work and they are very professional and quotes it on point without any issues! Thanks for the amazing job guys. Tyler you are the best!
River Karaba
River Karaba
Read More
I noticed that I had a roof leak, called and there were able to come out and check it out within a week. When we decided to move forward they started the job within two weeks (weather wasn’t helping or would have been sooner). Came and replaced half my roof in one day. It looks beautiful.
Tom See
Tom See
Read More
Kevin and Tyler came out to give me a quote for a new roof and gutters. They were very professional and their quote was more than fair. Same quality and warranty as the big companies. I won’t recommend anyone else but these guys. The roof and gutters look great!

Looking for Roofing Services in Ypsilanti?

You may be tempted to maintain your roof without the help of roofing professionals, but that may not be the wisest choice. If you don’t have the proper knowledge and experience, you could potentially cause damage to your roofing or put your own safety at risk. Instead, you should leave it to our trained professionals at All That Roofing & More.

Ideally, you should have your roofing inspected at least every couple of years. When you request a roofing inspection, our skilled team will thoroughly examine your shingles, gutters, chimney, flashing, and all other components of your roofing. We’ll check for leaks, deterioration, cracks, or any other type of damage. We’ll also make sure you don’t have clogged gutters or hazardous debris buildup. This comprehensive inspection will determine whether you need any type of roofing repairs or a roofing replacement.

We at All That Roofing & More also offer emergency roofing services. If your home’s roof has encountered a serious unexpected problem—whether it be due to extreme weather conditions, a fallen tree, or any other circumstance—we’ll have our roofing experts on the scene promptly. We understand how important it is to have a roof that’s healthy and intact, and because we care about your comfort and safety, we’ll get the problem fixed as quickly as possible.

Signs You Need a Roofing Contractor

Benefits of a Roof Inspection?

The largest benefit of scheduling a professional roofing inspection is that it will uncover any roofing damage or other problems. If there’s something wrong with your shingles or any other part of your roofing, catching the issue early can make a huge difference. The sooner you have your roofing repaired or replaced, the better chance you’ll have of saving some money, preventing water damage and mold growth, and avoiding prolonged periods of discomfort in your home.
Because many homeowners don’t schedule inspections or take the time to check their roofing, problems tend to linger for weeks or months. If you make a point to regularly schedule professional roofing inspections, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re doing everything you can to keep your roof in excellent condition. You won’t have to sit around wondering whether your roofing needs to be repaired or replaced; your inspection will keep you fully informed and allow you to stay on top of things.
Eventually, a time may come when you need to have your roofing replaced, and when that time arrives, we at All That Roofing & More can handle the roofing installation job for you. If you don’t keep up with roofing inspections, though, it will be much harder to plan for that eventual job. When our roofing professionals evaluate the condition of your roof, they’ll be able to give you detailed information about how it’s doing. As the elements and natural wear and tear cause your roofing to gradually deteriorate, the inspections will give you regular updates on when it will likely need to be replaced. That way, you’ll have plenty of time to plan and set aside some money if you need to.

Ypsilanti's Roofing Experts

With over 40 years of combined roofing experience, our team at All That Roofing & More is qualified to provide top-notch roofing services for Ypsilanti homeowners. We’ll take care of whatever roofing service you need; we’ll inspect your roofing to check for any problems, provide quality repairs for whatever roofing issues you’re dealing with, and when the time comes, install a brand-new roofing system for your home.

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